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If you don’t want the hassle of a second pair of glasses to protect you in the sun, the team at Carrera Optical in Universal City, Texas, has the solution. Licensed optician, Gary Carrera, ABOC, offers the latest in Transitions™ eyewear that automatically darkens your lenses when you go out into the sun. There’s no need to carry multiple pairs of glasses to shield your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays as Transitions eyewear blocks 100% of the UV rays. To find out if Transitions eyewear is right for you, schedule an appointment by calling Carrera Optical today.

Transition Eye Wear Q & A

What is Transitions eyewear?

Transitions eyewear features a variety of light-intelligent lens products that naturally transition from light to dark when you move into the sun. Transitions® lenses feature photochromic dyes that quickly activate the lens to darken in the ultraviolet (UV) light of the sun.

The stronger the UV rays are, the darker the lenses become to protect your vision and eye health. When out of the UV light, the Transitions lenses fade back into a clear lens.

Transitions eyewear also features a line of adaptive sunwear, which includes sunglasses that continue to darken based on the intensity of sunlight.

Am I a good candidate for Transitions eyewear?

If you prefer to wear glasses but don’t like switching from one pair to another, you may benefit from the ease of Transitions eyewear.

Transitions lenses are great for men and women with all prescription strengths. The lenses block 100% of the harmful rays of the sun and also reduce general eye strain and fatigue that can occur when exposed to bright light.

Children of all ages also benefit from the ease and protection of Transitions lenses, and by starting them out early with this type of preventive care, you can reduce your child’s risk for eye health issues that develop due to exposure to UV rays.

What kind of frames do I need for Transitions lenses?

The staff at Carrera Optical can fit Transitions lenses into any style or shape of frame, including rimless. They evaluate your prescription strength and help you design your eyeglasses to suit your personal taste and vision needs.

You can safely wear your Transitions eyewear all the time, without having to swap out for another set of glasses, even if you engage in high-impact activities, like sports, or when you’re driving. The Carrera Optical team can recommend specialized coatings for Transitions lenses, including anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.

Transitions lenses are also made of high-quality materials, including polycarbonate for durability, and high-index materials to accommodate strong prescriptions without added weight. Your Carrera Optical provider can also fit you with Transitions lenses if you need bifocals or progressive lenses to help you see clearly at all distances.

Find out more about the benefits of Transitions eyewear by calling Carrera Optical today.