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Carrera Optical in Universal City, Texas, offers an extensive selection of prescription eyeglasses and specializes in custom frames that match your personality and style. Experienced optician, Gary Carrera, ABOC, and his staff use the latest technology to measure your facial structure and custom frames ensure you get an attractive, well-fitting pair of eyeglasses to improve your vision and express yourself in style. To schedule a custom frames consultation, call Carrera Optical today.

Custom Frames Q & A

What are custom frames?

Custom frames are available to meet the unique needs of your vision, facial structure, and personality. The team at Carrera Optical offers a wide range of custom frame options and design the right size and frame shape based on your measurements and taste.

You can select all of the specifics about your frames, including:

  • Style
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Frame material

Custom frames ensure you have a perfect-fitting pair of eyeglasses to improve your vision and complement your personality.

When should I consider custom frames?

Custom frames are a great option for anyone who wears glasses for better vision. This type of frame may be especially beneficial if you have unevenness in your features that make off-the-shelf frames sit awkwardly.

Custom frames are ideal if you have:

  • Uneven ears
  • Wide-set face
  • Very small or wide nose bridge

The team at Carrera Optical can discuss all your options for custom frames during your appointment if you have an update to your prescription. If you’re just unhappy with your current frames, you can always schedule a custom frame consultation.

What can I expect during a custom frame consultation?

To ensure your glasses fit comfortably and provide optimal vision improvement, the team at Carrera Optical uses the latest technology to take measurements of your face. The technology scans your face and captures the essential elements of your facial structure, so your glasses will adapt seamlessly to your face.

The photographs and measurements taken by the Carrera Optical team are sent to a vision lab, that makes each frame from the highest quality of materials based only on your measurements and style choices.

Once your frames are ready, the team at Carrera Optical brings you back to the office for a fitting. As you try on your new frames, your provider ensures they fit properly on your face and around your ears. During your visit, the optical team can make any adjustments to the frames at no additional charge.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of custom frames, schedule a consultation at Carrera Optical by phone today.