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When your eyeglasses no longer fit well or are too tight to be comfortable, optician Gary Carrera, ABOC, and the team at Carrera Optical in Universal City, Texas, can help. Their office has the tools needed for minor frame adjustments and more serious repairs if your glasses become damaged. The Carrera Optical team provides free adjustments for customer convenience and ensures you enjoy a better fit and improved vision before you go. To schedule an adjustment, call Carrera Optical today.

Adjustments Q & A

What are eyeglass adjustments?

Eyeglass adjustments are available on-site at Carrera Optical to improve the fit of glasses on your face and provide you with optimal vision.

During an adjustment, the Carrera Optical team takes time to measure the placement of your lens to ensure you can see without obstruction. If your lenses aren’t sitting properly, you can develop side effects as you try to compensate by looking through other parts of your lenses, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Increased fall risk

Additionally, if your lenses or frames are out of alignment, you may not be receiving the maximum benefit of your prescription. This can lead to ongoing vision problems and eyestrain.

When should I schedule an eyeglasses adjustment?

You should schedule an eyeglass adjustment at Carrera Optical if you aren’t able to see properly due to crooked frames or misaligned lenses. Or if your eyeglasses feel uncomfortable when you wear them.

The team at Carrera Optical also recommends eyeglass adjustments if your glasses are:

  • Too tight
  • Too loose
  • Damaged after a drop

If you notice your lenses no longer fit tightly inside your frames, you should also request an adjustment as soon as possible to prevent damage or the loss of your lenses.

The Carrera Optical staff provide on-site adjustments to tighten and straighten frames quickly. They can also make many repairs on-site if you accidentally drop or damage your glasses, lose screws for the earpiece, or if your lenses appear loose.

The adjustments are free for the life of each frame purchased at Carrera Optical, and you can schedule ahead of time or visit as a walk-in.

How often do I need adjustments to my glasses?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to eyeglass adjustments. If you need to wear glasses all the time, you may need more frequent adjustments as your frames loosen.

You should make sure you’re properly storing your glasses when not in use to protect them from accidental damage or loss. The team at Carrera Optical can also recommend products to clean and maintain your lenses and frames without causing unnecessary damage that requires additional repairs.

If your glasses are too tight or frequently slipping down your nose, schedule an eyeglass adjustment by calling Carrera Optical today.